Junior Ballet (12 years & under)

Senior Ballet (13 years & over)

Junior Character (12 years & under)

Senior Character (13 years & over)

Junior Greek (12 years & under)

Senior Greek (Handby Cup) (13 years & over)

Junior National (12 years & under)

Senior National (13 years & over)

Junior Modern (12 years & under)

Senior Modern (13 years & over)

Junior Song & Dance (12 years & under)

Senior Song & Dance (13 years & over)

Junior Tap (12 years & under)

Senior Tap (13 years & over)

Junior Lyrical Cup

The Maureen Law Senior Lyrical Cup

The Sandra Hopkins Cup for Contemporary

Junior Classical Aggregate (12 years & under)

Junior Stage Aggregate (12 years & under)

Senior Classical Aggregate (13 years & older)

Senior Stage Aggregate (13 years & older)

Junior Classical Duet

Junior Stage Duet

Intermediate Classical Duet

Intermediate Stage Duet

Senior Classical Duet

Senior Stage Duet

Junior Classical Trio/Quartet

Junior Stage Trio/Quartet

Intermediate Classical Trio/Quartet

Intermediate Stage Trio/Quartet

Senior Classical Trio/Quartet

Senior Stage Trio/Quartet

Junior Classical Group

Junior Stage Group

Intermediate Classical Group

Intermediate Stage Group

Senior Classical Group

Senior Stage Group

Most Promising Baby/Infant

Male Performer of the Year

The Arlington Trophy

The Mellors Choreography Cup (Individual piece of Choreography)

The Dora Ashton Cup for Musicality

The Millar Cup for Most Versatile

50th Anniversary Cup for Endeavour

The Backstage Award (to be awarded by the Committee)

The Junior Bursary Runner-Up

The Junior Bursary

The Senior Bursary Runner-Up

The Senior Bursary


Livvy Hayes

Grace Clarke

Olivia Wiltshire

Winifred Diggens

Giselle Bruce

Ella Berry

Grace Wright

Caitlin Wong

Grace Wright

Sophie Arthurs

Isabel Tucker

Elishka Liskutin

Olivia Wiltshire

Daisy-May Hanvey


Amelie Cohen

Natasha Cracknell

Grace Wright

Olivia Wiltshire

Lucy Moran

Tilly-May Padley

Harri Hayes & Isabelle-Mae Moran

Isla Merolla & Natasha Cleghorn

Ella Berry & Joe Hubbard-Baterman

Joe Hubbard-Bateman & Emilia Gonzalez

Rosie Barnard & Amelie Cohen

Tasha Curtis & Lucy Moran

Ava Merolla, Natalia Sales Scott & Amber Murray

Ruby Gosling, Orlaith Costello & Amelia Liversage

Rhiannon Mackay, Megan Dalton & Frankie Bates

Amelie Cohen, Ella Berry & Joe Hubbard-Bateman

Amelia Chew, Caitlin Wong & Lucy Frost

S Roche W Diggens, J Dunn & K Jefferies

Allied Schools of Dance

Gemma Short School of Dance

Allenova School of Dancing

North Hampshire Academy of Dance

Allied Schools of Dance

North Hampshire Academy of Dance

Alex Williams

Joe Hubbard-Bateman

Alice Huntley, Anna Garbett. Francesca Landeg

Gemma Short School of Dance and Theatre Arts – Senior Modern group

Kiara Blair

Lucy Moran

Rosie Barnard

Abi Ford

Grace Wright

Olivia Wiltshire

Sophie Arthurs

Ella Berry