2014 proved to be a phenomenal year for the Dance Section.  Not only were our entries double previous years, but the standard was outstanding.  We can honestly say the future bodes extremely well for our dancers and singers of the future!

The performers made it a difficult yet enjoyable task for our Adjudicator Miss Jodie Clark to award places and trophies.  Below is a list of our trophy winners for 2014:



Junior Stage Aggregate

Junior Classical Aggregate

Senior Stage Aggregate

Senior Classical Aggregate

Junior Ballet Cup

Senior Ballet Cup

Junior Character Cup

Senior Character Cup

Junior Greek

Senior Greek – Handby Cup

Junior National Cup

Senior National Cup

Junior Modern Cup

Senior Modern Cup

Junior Song & Dance Cup

Senior Song & Dance Cup

Junior Tap Cup

Senior Tap Cup

Junior Classical Duet

Junior Stage Duet

Senior Classical Duet

Senior Stage Duet

Junior Classical Trio/Quartet

Junior Stage Trio/Quartet

Senior Classical Trio/Quartet

Senior Stage Trio/Quartet

Junior Classical Group

Junior Stage Group

Senior Classical Group

Senior Stage Group

Most Promising Baby

Choreography Cup

Lyrical Cup

Endeavour Cup


Male Performer of the Year

Arlington Trophy (Teachers Award)


Saffron Hamilton Gill

Winifred Diggens

Samuel Wrght

Samuel Wright

Emile Gooding

Clare Jeffries

Ellie Greenway

Amy Page

Susan Afitsinkaya

Marissa Hancock

Saffron Hamilton-Gill

Annabelle Ruggiero

Ella Patterson

Charlotte Olliffe

Joe Hubbard-Bateman

Charlotte King

Lily North

Samuel Wright

Winifred Diggens & Saffron Hamilton-Gill

Mia Graves & Sophia Thorogood

Charlotte Olliffe & Amy Page

Katie McPhee & Megan Mackay

Liberty Lee, Eleanor Evans & Mollie De Boer

Annie McCue, Kaitlyn Jarman & Holly Gardner-Hall

Charlotte Olliffe, Amy Page & Hollie Pest

Miranda Trevithick, Amy Woollard, Katie Barker & Harriet Crawford

Tanwood – Apples

Jayne A Coleman – Modern

Summerscales – Petit Kylan

Jayne A Coleman – Tetsejun

Lexie Collins

Not Awarded in 2014

Karis Beale

Not Awarded in 2014

Emile Gooding