General Festival RulesPlease also note additional rules applicable in the respective sections.
1.     Age limits, where applicable, with the limiting dates, are noted at the head of each section.
2.     Age as of 1st September 2017
3.     Entry forms and fees must be received as indicated in the rules of the section. Fees are not
returnable, except at the discretion of the Committee.
4.     BACS is the preferred method of payment, if by cheque only one per dance school.Cheques should be made payable to: “Tilehurst Eisteddfod”.
5.     The decisions of the adjudicators and judges are final. School Principals or those completing entry forms, will be notified of the time, date and venue for the performances at least one week prior to such performances and any query must be taken up with the Chairman immediately.
6.     Challenge trophies cannot be won outright and holders are required to return them as indicated in the respective sections. Awards and trophies in any class where, in the opinion of the adjudicators, a sufficiently high standard has not been attained, may be withheld.
7.     The holder of a trophy is responsible for any loss or damage thereto and no trophy shall be taken out of the United Kingdom and is to be returned prior to or at the earliest opportunity at the Festival.
8.     Any dispute which may arise in respect of the rules or any other matters connected with the Eisteddfod will be decided by the Committee whose decision is final.
9.     Professionals are not eligible to compete in this festival. For the purpose of this festival, professionals  are defined as those who derive more than basic out of pocket expenses within the appropriate pro fession, either as a performer or as a teacher, or attend a stage/dance school on a full time basis.
10.    The Committee reserves the right to appoint replacement or additional adjudicators and to alter, modify or cancel any of the arrangements detailed in the syllabus.
11.     The Festival cannot be held responsible for the loss of any personal property, handbags, musical instruments and props etc, at any of the Eisteddfod venues.
12.    The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason.
13.     Abusive behaviour, verbal or physical, towards festival staff or others will not be tolerated. Anyone behaving in such a manner will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.
14.     All performances using music from shows in current production are subject to copyright law. Songs
from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, i.e., with no costume or movement without need for copyright permission. Where movement or costume are included in a performance copyright permission is required and the festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate copyright permission has been sought.

Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance items should contact Festivals House on 01625 428297 before making their entries.*Calls cost maximum of 50p per minute

The Executive Committee wish to thank
All of the people who give their time and support at the various events.

Friends of Tilehurst Eisteddfod
The cost of running the Festival continues to escalate.

The Eisteddfod welcomes ‘Friends of the Festival’ who, for an annual contribution of £50 upwards, would be entitled to free admission to view all of this year’s events. Please send your contribution to the Secretary.